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Who we are?


The Masons Co and Dionysian Artificers of Kansas City Kansas City's Masonry Restoration and Repair Partner. has provided historic preservation consulting, masonry repair, masonry maintenance, Water feature , fountain, Kansas City Brick repair, stone repair, tuckpointing, repointing, mortar matching. Kansas city Masonry Restoration Contractors, Kansas City, Missouri. ... Masonry, the region's foremost custom masonry and masonry restoration company, ...


A Kansas City masonry. The Masons Co contracting services working on countless structures throughout entire Midwest region including several dozen on the National Register of Historic Places. We believe that a multi-disciplinary approach to the planning of all aspects of historic preservation projects is necessary to preserve the heritage of our built environment. As active participants in the preservation community we are appreciative of the limited resources available for the preservation and maintenance of the cultural heritage embodied in historic structures. We endeavor to provide historically appropriate, sensitive, creative, and responsible solutions to the stewards of these treasures. Our solutions are applicable to the repair of all Kansas City Masonry  including, Brick, Stone, Masonry Restoration, Fountain, Water features , and historic structures. Brick and Stone Repair Contractors in Kansas City, MO city best Kansas City  companies / Kansas City


The Masons Co and Dionysian Artificers is an operated business which provides high quality masonry restoration and fountain repair service in the state of kansas city , Nebraska, Des Moines IA, Memphis TN, Nashville TN, Denver Co, Oklahoma City, Springfield IL, Dallas TX, Florida and entire Midwest region. Our commitment to quality and a standard of excellence on every level is the foundation the company has been built upon. Our skilled and conscientious craftsmen specialize in the historic repair, renovation, replication and restoration of any structure we are contracted to work on. Our nearly 30 years of experience repairing fountains, Water feature , fountain, masonry assures efficiency, safety and quality by using the proper materials and installation procedures.  This unparalleled experience has earned us a reputation for providing clients with the highest quality repair and installation services available. Stone, Brick Repair Historic brick, Kansas City Stone  Repair & Preservation. Masonry Brick Masonry Pointing Kansas City. Masonry repair



Brick repair, stone repair, tuckpointing, repointing, mortar matching and more. .. Masonry Restoration, Kansas City Masonry Restoration Contractor.
Offers masonry repair, concrete repair, waterproofing and historical restoration ... We are an award-winning commercial contractor serving the Kansas City area ..

Masonry is a building system meant to last, which is why it has been such a valued craft throughout history. The Pyramids, the Roman Coliseum, the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China – much of the world’s significant architecture has been built with masonry. Throughout civilization, architects and builders have chosen masonry for its strength, versatility, and durability. Masonry resists the destructive effects of time and weather, and remains beautiful for centuries.


Masonry consists of building structures by laying individual masonry units (brick, concrete block, stone, etc). Normally the masonry units are laid with cement mortar, which binds them together to create a structure. The Masons Co and Dionysian Artificers, Masonry Restoration company can provide beautiful walls and floors at economical prices. Due to the individual masonry units, masonry construction tends to be quite labor intensive. Because of the cement, clay or stone nature of the masonry materials, masonry construction tends to be durable and often requires little maintenance. 


Almost everywhere you look, you see masonry – in homes, schools, office buildings, churches, hospitals, factories and more. “Over the centuries our system has been challenged time and time again by usurpers and those who would seek to destroy us through cheap imitation and false promises. But in the end, masonry has always prevailed. 


Similar to concrete, masonry tends to be high in compressive strength but low in tension strength. To get a better understanding of the structural advantages and challenges of masonry, contact experts of The Masons Co and Dionysian Artificers  in Midwest for consultations. Crack control tends to be a major concern in masonry structures and normally is addressed by experts.




Brick and Stone Repair Specialists of Kansas City offering brick repair, stone repair, brick staining, masonry repair, block repair ... Repair of Kansas City serving all of Kansas City and surrounding areas

He who works with his hands is a laborer.
He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.
He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist. 
― Francis of Assisi


Historic Masonry Consultants

Anthony A Reyes AF&AOM was born in Historic Independence Mo, and started his masonry career at the age of 19.


In the early 90's Anthony moved his direction to commercial fountains and fountain restoration in the state of Florida. Anthony has years of experience in the handling, customization, installing and restoring historic fountains and water features all over Midwest specifically in Kansas City and Florida 


The founding partner of Kansas City Masonry Contractors and  Kansas City Fountain Design Group. Anthony directs management structure for all projects and also leads and directs specific projects under our  assignment.


With hands-on commitment to City of Kansas City Fountain Design is evidenced through nearly 30 years of fountain design, production, installation, and operation has provided historic preservation consulting and contracting services on countless structures throughout entire Midwest region including several dozen on the National Register of Historic Places. 


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Honor & Award

  • 32 Degree Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

  •  Preservation Texas Honor Award 

  • Fountain conservation South Florida

  • Florida Folklife Program

  • Master Operative Mason

Simon Leverett

Proprietor at Leverett Masonry Consulting

Leverett Consulting.

Reading Technical College, UK. 


Simon Leverett began his masonry career in the early 1980’s by completing a City and Guilds of London Masonry program. After six years he became a journeyman mason and spent the next decade working on all kinds of buildings from 11th century, to Jacobean, to Arts and Crafts.


In 1995 he moved to the United States and became a masonry instructor for the prison system. He then moved to the Midwest and eventually started his own business, working on local landmarks. His most recent work has been in Chicago where he has spent the last 5 years working as a field consultant and technical assistance for a masonry supplier.​


The current chapter is consulting. Drawing on over three decades of experience, he assists architects, engineers and property managers in writing historically accurate repair and material specifications. His advice and expertise has been sought for many local landmarks. For homeowners he writes a scope of work, which includes details such as proper materials to use and a restoration timeline for scheduling. He can assist in contractor selection,


These reports always save the owner money and enable long lasting historically accurate repairs.

Stone carver and marble carver, AS. King 


King specializes in designing custom, hand-carved artworks in marble and stone from fireplaces to Fountains, busts and larges figures to architectural ornamentation including relief panels and entryways for private and public collections. 


Trained at Weymouth College and City and Guilds of London Art School, KING is a qualified stonemason, lettercutter, sculptor and stonecarver.

With over a decade in the stone industry, He has worked on projects all over the UK, France and Italy, and the US. A third-generation stone carver and letterer who specializes in hand-carved gravestones and elegant architectural lettering for public buildings, memorials, and monuments. 



including Kansas City,Nebraska, Des Moines Iowa, Springfield IL, Nashville TN, Memphis TN, Arkansas, Oklahoma City, Denver Colorado, Dallas TX, Florida and other near states.


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The Mason Co and Dionysian Artificers

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