Landscape Lighting is far more than simply illuminating parts of your property. It is an art practiced by craftsmen and women who are well trained and experienced in the many phases of the art. Do it yourselfers may try to design and install their own landscape lighting, but the work and effort will be  severely hampered by the technology, access to quality products, and a lack of design knowledge.


An outdoor landscape lighting installation will transform your property into a warm, inviting, safe, and secure home. All of our landscape lighting servies  include a well planned landscape lighting installation and proper consultation.


There are many benefits of landscape lighting, not just for home beautification, but the some fo the reasons are for usability, safety, security, and value. However there are many different choices of what kind of landscape lighting to use to enhance and bright up your home. 


Landscape lighting is a lasting, beautiful INVESTMENT for your home’s exterior. 


It is a professional's perspective on the possibilities, the opportunities, and the actual experience of well-designed landscape lighting.


With over 20 years experience in the landscape lighting industry, Kansas City Landscape & Design is the number one choice for landscape lighting design in Kansas City and all over Midwest. Whether you are interested in low voltage or line voltage installation, our certified electricians will make sure your design is installed properly and function as it should. 


Our expert landscape designers can help.




Would you like to have a stunning yard that stand for years & ahead of others? First thing is to make the space usable at night. Since many people work or play till long after the sun goes down, they often don't have time to enjoy their backyard until the evening hours. Add outdoor lighting, and your garden is immediately transformed into usable space.


According to outdoor lighting designer Michael Sestak, " Most of the people do not realize this , but the backyard is a whole new room that they haven't explored fully," . "You have the option to go beyond that light bulb at the doorway." Good lighting can bring Zen-like qualities to any setting. You can rediscover the perimeter of your property, make it fun to entertain and highlight points of interest, such as sculptures or fountains.

Here are  several reasons for lighting a landscape, including both practical and aesthetic. This post will focus on what type of landscape lighting to use and why. Landscape lighting enhances your home, and therefore adds great value to home. Consider the following goals below to determine when and where to place landscape lights.

Kansas City Landscape & Design



Security - It's no secret that lighting a landscape deters intruders and burglars; however, light placement can affect the level of security. For example, shining a few spotlights on the front of a house will create a spotty and bright illumination. The sporadic lights will cast dark shadows, creating perfect hiding places for intruders. The best way to avoid this problem is to broaden the light and dull the brightness. This allows the eye to see both lit and unlit areas of the landscape.


Things to consider:

Low brightness illumination preferred to high brightness 

Broad coverage preferred to isolated areas of illumination 






Safety -This refers to providing illumination that offers safe passage through the property.  Lighting walkways, stairs, pond areas and other tripping hazards are all important safety precautions. These will ensure a safe passage. Elders and people with disabilities should be considered and they will surely benefited to this.  Keep the light at a low brightness to prevent blinding those who pass by.


Things to consider:

Target areas include pathways, steps, pools, water features, tripping hazards 

Low brightness illumination preferred to high brightness

Avoidance of 'light bombs'

Increase brightness for the elderly 






Usability - Places that are often such as decks, docks, patios, and sports courts require specific lighting designed according to the nature of the activity. Consider the activity at hand. Choose fixtures that are properly beneficial for the activity and complement the structure they are lighting.


Things to consider:

Fixture type, location, and brightness appropriate to the activity 

Illumination control options for multi-use areas 











Aesthetics -  This  represents a holistic experience triggered by visual signals that are by the brain and judged to be attracted to both superficially and with such depth that even the subconscious plays a role. Consider the entire feelings and emotions of viewers, on how they appreciate things.  Light powerful focal points and even quaint, unexpected areas.  The landscape lighting should bring out the elegance of any property. 







Landscape Outdoor Lighting  Kansas City, Landscape Outdoor Room Kansas City

The proper implementation of these goals & principles tends to create superb landscape lighting design.


Selecting and installing  proper landscape lighting is by far stunning and brings elegance to  the property. Together  with right light placement and key design principles, selecting the right landscape lighting system is key.









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