Kansas City Landscape & Design / Landscape & Design Leawood Kansas provides the highest quality landscape design, installation  and maintenance services for the discerning client.




Kansas City Landscape & Design / Landscape & Design Leawood Kansas offers the advantage of being vertically integrated in the landscape industry. We excel at design, construction and maintenance of interior and exterior environments. Our services are available comprehensively or individually. Whatever the type of work, we are always service oriented. Kansas City Landscape & Design is your trusted landscape partner.


We recognize the significance of the landscape and gardens surrounding your property as one of the important features of the site. A well-designed landscape can transform even the most ordinary space into an elegant extension of your property.


I love the immediacy and satisfaction of design-build work. It is nice to see ideas transformed into tangible existence in a relatively short span of time. I enjoy composing a traditional design in the Mediterranean formal style, as well as installing a reflective japanese style courtyard. Regardless of the design style, working closely with clients, helping them to find a personal expression through their home and garden is always very rewarding. Our commitment to evaluating environments, attention to detail, and understanding our clients has helped us develop a reputation for providing unparalleled results in design, craftsmanship, and service.


The well-designed garden provides beauty, elegance and meaning. It blurs the boundary between building and site. It refreshes the spirit. Thoughtful landscape design and site planning are critical to providing seamless indoor/outdoor living, and making a home naturally integrate with its site. Kansas City Landscape & Design is a design-build firm focusing on residential gardens and landscapes as well as select commercial properties. The majority of our work is here in the Midwest, where our diverse micro- climates and topographies offer a wide range of site conditions and project types, from vacation cabins to large urban and country estates. Our creativity and ability to respond to varied climates and site vocabularies have engaged us to many varied projects and scopes.


Kansas City Landscape & Design / Landscape & Design Leawood Kansas creates  exquisite landscapes that bring this beauty to your exteriors, and alter your outdoor space into an extension of your indoor living space!



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As experienced and skilled professionals, we aim for perfection in all stages; planning, design as well as installation and ongoing maintenance of your landscape. Our attention to detail and communication with our clients ensure a finished product that meets and exceeds expectations every time.


While designing a landscape we consider numerous factors. Aesthetic as well as practical factors such as topography, climate, site drainage and runoff, artistic layout, spatial development, plant palettes, lighting, irrigation, human and vehicular movement, recreational amenities, utility areas, general safety , borrowed scenery, and how the space will be used. Along with these aspects, client's needs, preferences and desirability are imperative to us in the design process.


We can assured with our experience to create stunning landscapes keeping in mind limitations of the site such as microclimate, space, budget, deadlines, etc. In addition, we can incorporate elements you have always wanted like a water feature, an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, chimney or any other focal feature in the layout with ease.


Whether it is a residential site or commercial complex or a public space, we are experienced in handling all kinds of task. Our expertise beneath in combining incredible techniques, custom solutions and distinguished skills to design landscapes that are not only beautiful and well functioning, but stand in time. 

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