It is important that you consider your needs when designing your own custom outdoor kitchen kansas city. Imagine the last time you used your grill and ate outside. What could have been better? Where did you need more space for preparation or for seating? Often I am in a customers backyard and s/he will walk me over to several neighboring backyard so I can see what other people have done with the same space available to this homeowner. I work to impress the necessity to consider your own habits and usage in the design rather than how good you will look to your neighbors.


When you are creating an outdoor kitchen, the first thing to consider to make is the type of grill or grills you are going to use. Once the built in grill has been chosen and prepared various accessories , the space a overall shape of the grill island should be considered. Mostly, the shape the outdoor kitchen takes will be chosen by the space where the island will be constructed. Your specific use can create the shape, especially if you will use the counter for seating and serving guests. There are some obvious generalizations that evolve in outdoor kitchen design that we can discuss but the important result for you is to consider the decisions that work for other homes to allow your imagination to go to work designing your own perfect space.

  • We are convinced that  the first step of designing and building an outdoor kitchen should be to examine your cooking habits and selecting the right accessories, 


  • The next step is definitely researching the designs and exploring the shape of the spot where you would like to build. 



Often a client will present a rough design for the part of the custom backyard they would like us to build but when we meet in the space we find a better spot for the outdoor kitchen kansas city.



These outdoor kitchen designs may need much less and just a grill with a lot of counter space for preparation and serving is used. The backyard chef allowing themselves a beautiful space to cook complimenting the lines of the home.


The easiest grill island to design is straight. The idea of the straight grill island is similar to the cart grill that stays in one spot of the yard. Instead of a standardized cart grill in the same spot, a little imagination can help create a grill island with a lot of space to serve and prepare your food for grilling. Most of these designs have a wall of the house that is not being used. Often I will look for the spot where electricity and plumbing is stubbed outside the wall or running in the wall to a kitchen or bathroom.


This island was obviously built to fit the space onside to walls inside a covered patio. The depth of the walls did not allow for the grill we chose so we invented a decorative movement that gives us the depth we need for the infrared grill and gives some character to an otherwise straight run of stucco. Electricity and plumbing were already available and the window placement seems to be made for the positioning of the grill centered in the outdoor kitchen. 



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The most popular outdoor kitchen design we custom build on-site is the 90 degree L-share design. This design is always the same in a general way be is always customized to the size and use of each individual client. This is angle-shaped (like an L – 90-degree angle, or whatever size angle you wish) and is measured from the dimensions of where you like to cook, making this design custom-fit for you. Four appliance cut-outs are standard, but you have the option to have as many cut-outs as you want.


Some clients will use the extra leg for seating, others for serving, some for under-counter storage and many will combine the usefulness of the additional counter for several good practical reasons. The units can be very small to fit a space inside a wall or as long as the length of the entire patio. Often it is treated like two units with two definitive uses.


Outdoor kitchen is one of the popular trends in homes that have transformed from a basic charcoal or gas grill on the patio to elaborate rooms or area  with appliances, sinks, countertops, and cabinets. You will be amazed with how many different choices you have when planning an outdoor kitchen. An entertainer’s dream, all of your friends and family can gather together while you prepare the food; they can even help you with certain dishes if they want. 


Another advantage of having an outdoor kitchen is the money you will save on your electric bill because the outdoor cooking lessens the heat buildup that occurs inside the home when you cook inside, making your air conditioning unit work overtime. 


If you are considering an outdoor kitchen, contact Kansas City Landscape & Design today for an outdoor kitchen consultation as we have different  layouts  and styles from which to choose.








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