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An improper installed KANSAS CITY paver patio can be unsightly blight on your landscape and expose to uneven settling and drainage issues that could compromise your home’s foundation. It is very critical to choose a meticulous, expert contractor to handle your professional paver patio installation.


Installing a paver patio in Kansas City may sound like a simple task, but a high quality job requires careful planning and attention to detail. Selecting the right professional patio installer is the first step in creating the outdoor living space of your dreams.




Selecting a KASNAS CITY Patio Pavers -  you will have to consider and think through the multitude of types from which and what to choose. It vary in shape, size, shape, color, texture, cost, and ease of installation. Regardless of what PAVER PATIO project you are undertaking, from entertaining areas to pool decks, there is at least one kind suitable for your project. The most ordinary types come in concrete, brick and stone materials, and they can be used to build, for example: Concrete patios , Brick patios , Flagstone patios



Paver Patio Installation Kansas City -  Although there are many kinds available, the techniques for installing  A Kansas City patio pavers of all types are usually same. For those that are dry-laid, that is, installed without mortar, the process generally consists of installing a base of crushed stone and a setting bed of sand or stone dust. For some masonry/landscape kansas city projects, you may want to install your stone or brick pavers with mortar. These need to be installed over a solid concrete slab. 



Paver Patio Designs in Kansas City-  When creating or thinking of a Kansas City Landscape design for your patio paver project, there are three main questions to consider: What is the function or purpose of the project? How will it look like? How much will it cost or the amount of the project? Whether you're planning to build an entertaining area or just a simple walkway, think it before install.




Patio Pavers can be used in beautification of your outdoor patio and deck flooring in a variety of ways. Also, this creates more solid and reliable flooring surface, you can have a much more visually appealing surrounding that integrates with your outdoor living environment.


Patio Pavers and landscape are available in numerous materials that can be both attractive and economical. From decorative concrete, stamped concrete, interlocking concrete, clay brick, natural stone - including slate, travertine,  flagstone, granite and others, the options are endless.



In selecting proper pavers for your Patio, it is important to consider the atmosphere, if it's indoor or outdoor,  this will help to identify the type of material application you will need to use based on the exposure to weather conditions and rainfall.



Natural stone, clay brick and interlocking concrete pavers are more suitable to outdoors, since they have a higher density and can handle more extreme weather and moisture. They also have a longer shelf life and are less prone  to fading or cracking, however these options tend to cost more.




The base of the patio should start at least 6 inches and up to 9 inches beneath the surface. We have reputable landscaping contractors and we ensure they follow the ff criteria:



  • Ensure that your patio has a slight slope for water drainage – about an inch for every 4 feet of patio.

  • Compact the subsoil before laying the base materials.

  • Compact each foundation layer.

  • Include a layer of geo-fabric between the sub-surface and the crushed stone to prevent weeds and sinking.

  • Top off the foundation with a layer of sand.

  • Use edging to keep the pavers in place.

  • Fill in the spaces between pavers with joint sand so they stay put.




Paver Patio
Paver Patio
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Paver  Installation Shawnee
Paver Installation Shawnee
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Paver Hallways Installation
Paver Hallways Installation
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  1. Does Kansas City Landscape & Design bonded or insured?

 --> Kansas City Landscape & Design / Kansas City Masonry contractors carry licensing/work comp with insurance.



​  2.  How does Kansas City Landscape & Design will help you in choosing the right patio space?
--> It is very critical to have proper designs that meet the short and long term needs for a successful project. We make sure that you won't regret why choose us. We listen to your needs and provide a plan that takes into account how you are going to use your space.  Our company will help determine the appropriate size, material selection and location of your patio space.



 3. How do we prepare the patio foundation? 
--> Discussing the details of your project with prospective contractors is very helpful to understand what steps are needed for a quality paver patio installation. The most important factor to consider is how your contractor will prepare the patio foundation, as this can make or break your patio’s success. If it’s prepared incorrectly, your patio may sink, shift or sprout weeds. In Kansas City Landscape & Design, we make sure that everything is being taking cared from planning, installation, structures through foundation. 


No matter the work is, our skilled technical staffs are up for the challenge. Not only are they among the best in the craft, they are licensed, bonded, screened for your safety, security, and friendly, too.


Contact us today for a quote and bid by requesting and filling out the form on our website . You can also call us at 816-500-4198.

We are happy to service clients located in Kansas City, St Louis Mo, Johnson County and entire Midwest region.

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